‘The Dance of Culture’: Kochi To Host Transactional Analysis Conference In August

‘The Dance of Culture’: Kochi To Host Transactional Analysis Conference In August

Transactional Analysis is a theory of personality and interpersonal relationship providing skills for personal and professional growth, said one of the organizers of the event.

The conference will be held for three days in next month, from August 17 to August 19.


‘The Dance of Culture’ is the theme of the ITAA-SAATA Conference 2018 to be held at Kochi, Kerala while an international Transactional Analysis conference of this scale returns to the South-Indian port city after 25 years. The conference will be held for three days in next month, from August 17 to August 19. Transactional Analysis is a theory of personality and interpersonal relationship providing skills for personal and professional growth, said one of the organizers of the event.

“Given the Indian context of constant flux, this modality, particularly the International Conference with the theme, Dance of Culture, has a lot to offer for individuals, professionals and groups,” said Susan George, the president of SAATA.

The event is co-organised by International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA), a non-profit, member-driven educational organization founded by Eric Berne, MD and South Asian Association of Transactional Analysts (SAATA), an international, non-profit, professional organization founded by a group of Transactional Analysts engaged in applying their knowledge and skills for promoting global standards in Transactional Analysis practice, training and certification.

‘The Dance of Culture’

The organizers said the conference’s theme explores the manifestations of cultural script in our society today and the relevance they may have for the professional practice of Transactional Analysis.

“It would be particularly interesting to those understand social phenomena from a Transactional Analysis point of view. It would also be interesting to individuals who would like identify possible influences of cultural script in their own lives,” a statement said.

The conference boasts of over 60 exciting workshops with speakers from 15 countries, across four continents. Seven parallel channels of workshops give participants a wide variety of choices. This is an opportunity to network with the world community of counselors, psychotherapists, educators and organizational specialists.

The conference is relevant to managers, executives, parents, teachers, students, counselors, psychotherapists, physicians, psychiatrists, consultants, trainers, coaches, healers and anyone who is interested in self-growth and change and in helping others grow and change, the organizers said.

Participants will see how new theories and methods are integrated with core concepts to provide an ever more effective model of human development.

Transactional analysis

Transactional analysis is a social psychology developed by Eric Berne, MD (d.1970). Berne’s theory consists of certain key concepts that practitioners use to help clients, students, and systems analyze and change patterns of interaction that interfere with achieving life aspirations.  Over the past 40 years, Berne’s theory has evolved to include applications in counseling, education, organizational development, and psychotherapy,” the statement said.

In the conference, according to the statement, Transactional Analysis will also be examined as a unique culture that is in the process of continually changing.

More details on the conference can be found here: http://www.saata.org/conference2018


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Abe Wagner-Winner of the M & M Award

Abe Wagner-Winner of the M & M Award

Recently Abe Wagner was presently USATAA’s M&M Award by council member Laurie Weiss.

Laurie said “On behalf of the USATAA council, we are delighted to present the M&M award to acknowledge your many years of service and leadership to USATAA.  This award is presented to honor a member who embodies the spirit of two of our guiding founders, Muriel James and Mary Goulding. It honors your leadership, which includes your work on the development of TA world-wide by teaching TA in over 35 countries, all 50 states, over 700 CEOs in chapters of YPO and Vistage, as well as your years of serving on the USATAA Council.”

The M & M Award was first presented in 1991 in Stamford, Connecticut. The M&Ms in this bowl commemorate the M&Ms Muriel and Mary used to celebrate the inauguration of the 1984 USATAA conference in San Francisco.

Abe offered his thoughts “I was both quite surprised and very honored to receive the M&M Award.  It means so much to me to be recognized by my peers.  I’ve had an ongoing love for TA and the practitioners that I’ve had the honor of knowing and working with since 1970.  The TA world has been a major priority of mine because it stands for the values I hold dear and wonderful practical content and techniques that so many people benefit from.  I’ve now completed roughly 800 seminars for executive groups.   I continue to train, at age 82, and limit myself to 60 engagements a year for Vistage, YPO and the corporate and nonprofit world.  I will also be one of two keynote speakers at the Singapore and Australia TA conference this year.” Congratulations Abe Wagner!




Welcome new TA Practitioners from Singapore

Welcome new TA Practitioners from Singapore

We welcome new USATAA members from Singapore, and congratulate them as new TA Practitioners.

Dr. Jessica Leong Lai Cheng, TSTA who is a Transactional Analysis Practitioner Instructor, has certified 34 individuals have met the requirements that are required for the TAP Certificate.  We are delighted to know that we have new TA friends and colleagues in Singapore!

Networking is a priority for our USATAA community.  Like your group, we seek to keep up with the latest advances in TA theory and practice, as well as share the TA message at home, at work, and at school. We have our TA Circles that may be a resource for you in your particular area of interest.  Our groups include, Psychotherapy, Coaching and Self-Development, and Social Justice.  We are adding to our TA resources regularly (including online TA workshops), and welcome your suggestions, blog posts, photos, stories, and links for TA resources.

We welcome you to USATAA!

Catherine O’Brien,
TAP Instructor and LMFT

Here are our newest members and TA Practitioners

  • Oh Hwee Kiat
  • Colin Gerard Ree
  • Angela Heng Chor Kiang
  • David Loh Weilong
  • Karthikeyan Manimekalai
  • Koh Lay Nah – BreadTalk
  • Sim May Ling Grace
  •  Liew Lee Kien
  • Wong Yeong Tay
  • Nazira Begum Binte Rowthagani
  • Seet Pek Hua Maria Babara
  • Seet Pek Har Belinda
  • Oileen Lee Yong Yeng
  • Goh Mui Wah
  • Daisy Teo Chai Lan
  • Koh Bok Tze Dennis
  • Yim Lok Foong Elsie
  • Mavis Goh Si-Hui
  • Tan Whee Nai
  • Von Hui Yoke Cheng
  • Bryan Michael Robers
  • Reutens Sharon Sandra
  • Nooraini Binte Salleh
  • Augustine Tan Koon Chow
  • Adrian Wan Bee Yong
  • Teo Lek Mei
  • Joel Chua
  • Line Kaas
  • Jean Paul Henry Leon Heusdens
  • Parameswary Nainapan
  • Tan Mui Leng
  • Laura  Spalvieri
  • Balasubramaniam s/o Garunaharan
  • Kong Seet Mui
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