Introducing a Meta-Metaphor for Developmental TA

by Giles Barrow TA: Education; Schools; Staff development This article presents, for the first time, some thoughts and ideas about the nature of developmental TA. I think that they are intriguing and I welcome other's views about them. BACKGROUND I have been a member...

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Yeastings: Postmodern TA

by James R. Allen TA: Postmodern TA; Postmodernism; Philosophy In the right atmosphere, dough quietly begins to rise. Eventually, it becomes recognizable as bread. As a young child in my grandmother’s kitchen, I found this process magical. As a young adolescent, I...

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Transactional Analysis and Social Roles

by Dr. Bernd Schmid, TSTA TA: Personality, Social roles Abstract      In this article the most important TA concepts will be described in such a way that they do not automatically convey the ideas and attitudes of professional psychotherapists or...

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Working Styles, Chapter 6 of Working it Out at Work

Could this be you? Chris gets through a lot of work, by doing everything very quickly. Chris moves fast, thinks fast, talks fast, and seems to do everything so much more quickly than most people. However, every so often Chris makes a mistake through rushing so much -...

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Dishonesty and Neurosis

[Note: this article begins with several Patient/Therapist dialog examples; the author discusses their implications in a section at the end of the article.] Pt: (Looking down and back up) I don’t know what’s the matter with me... Ther: (Thinks “I’m supposed to ask...

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NATAA Structure

NATAA is the organization of professionals and other interested persons living in the United States of America who subscribe to the theory and practice of Transactional Analysis.  Those who live outside of the USA may join as non-voting Associate Members. NATAA is...

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