Abe Wagner-Winner of the M & M Award

Recently Abe Wagner was presently USATAA’s M&M Award by council member Laurie Weiss.

Laurie said “On behalf of the USATAA council, we are delighted to present the M&M award to acknowledge your many years of service and leadership to USATAA.  This award is presented to honor a member who embodies the spirit of two of our guiding founders, Muriel James and Mary Goulding. It honors your leadership, which includes your work on the development of TA world-wide by teaching TA in over 35 countries, all 50 states, over 700 CEOs in chapters of YPO and Vistage, as well as your years of serving on the USATAA Council.”

The M & M Award was first presented in 1991 in Stamford, Connecticut. The M&Ms in this bowl commemorate the M&Ms Muriel and Mary used to celebrate the inauguration of the 1984 USATAA conference in San Francisco.

Abe offered his thoughts “I was both quite surprised and very honored to receive the M&M Award.  It means so much to me to be recognized by my peers.  I’ve had an ongoing love for TA and the practitioners that I’ve had the honor of knowing and working with since 1970.  The TA world has been a major priority of mine because it stands for the values I hold dear and wonderful practical content and techniques that so many people benefit from.  I’ve now completed roughly 800 seminars for executive groups.   I continue to train, at age 82, and limit myself to 60 engagements a year for Vistage, YPO and the corporate and nonprofit world.  I will also be one of two keynote speakers at the Singapore and Australia TA conference this year.” Congratulations Abe Wagner!




Fall Transactional Analysis Practitioner Training


Transactional Analysis is a clear, easy-to-understand theory of personality, communication, and path to personal change. TA Principles are shown in clear diagrams and described in plain language. TA is excellent for a program for teachers, therapists, college students, parents, and trainers.

TA Practitioner Program

The TA practitioner program (TAP) provides instruction for people interested in more in-depth learning of TA. TA Basics and 50 hours are needed. The program will help you practice learning and teaching the key concepts of TA, and apply TA tools to various problem situations.

• Thursday nights on line from 7-9:00 pm

• September 14-December 21 (one break)

Instructor: Catherine M. O’Brien, TAP Instructor

To sign up for the free class, send an email to: theTATeacher@gmail.com


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We are making a call for blog submissions. You may send us videos, news, announcements, write ups, audio or anything TA related. Tell us how you are thinking about TA, applying TA, integrating TA, blending TA.

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