TA is a great system understanding groups dynamics This circle focuses on TA application to education at all levels from secondary school to college.

Representative: VACANT


  • includes several TA assessments, such as egogram, drivers, and life position
  • the benefits of TA and pastoral care are explained by Dr. Harold White at his website


  • Born to Love: Transactional Analysis in the Church by Muriel James
  • Women As Winners: Transactional Analysis for Personal Growth by Dorothy Jongeward and Dru Scott
  • Transactional Analysis for Moms and Dads by Muriel James
  • How Much is Too Much by Jean Illsey Clarke
  • Raising Kids O.K.the Only Complete Parents Guide to Transactional Analysis by Dorothy E. Babcock R.N. M.S. and Terry D. Keepers Ph.D.
  • Becoming the Way We Are A Transactional Guide to Persona
  • Breaking Free: Self Re-Parenting for a New Life by Muriel James
  • Handling Those Difficult People by Sam Lloyd
  • Games Students Play: A Transactional Analysis of Problems in Schools Among Students, Parents, Teachers, & Administrators by Ken Ernst


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