Project TA 101: Personal Tools for Social Transformation

Project TA 101 is a progressive initiative to create a unique, interactive, on-demand “official” TA 101 online learning program of consistent, standardized professional-level content and training materials.



Takeharu Matsunaga, from Shizuoka Prefecture near Mt. Fuji in Japan created the colored pencil drawing of Eric Berne, inspired by Dr. Berne’s determination to bring transactional analysis to the public. We thank Takeharu for sharing his image with the IESA committee to continue to bring transactional analysis to the world through Project TA101.


Lack of access to a TA 101 in many countries has been a significant obstacle to quality TA education for people working and living in traditionally underserved or disadvantaged communities, individuals living with disabilities or in rural areas, and families living in poverty.


Through Project TA 101, foundational TA training will be available and accessible to communities of learners who may not be able to access these powerful tools for personal development and social transformation.


The four distinguished ITAA Certified Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analysts, Valerie Batts, Graham Barnes, Felipe Garcia, and Vann Joines, are respected leaders in applying transactional analysis concepts to social and cultural change, including equity, diversity, social change and personal development.




The Course Will Include…


A learning guide

An interactive online discussion group

A map for people wishing to pursue further training in transactional analysis through the USATAA’s TA Practitioner (TAP) training and ITAA’s Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA) training.

The project began in January 2018 with collaboration among ITAA, USATAA, and Southeast Institute for the “Promoting Equality and OK-ness: Healing Divisions in Our World” Conference in Raleigh, N.C. The IESA Committee proposed a social justice focused TA 101, taught at this conference.

Transactional analysts know the basic principles of worth, value, and dignity of every human being are more important than ever in today’s world!  The IESA Committee set a goal to develop diverse, accessible, recognized transactional analysis education from videos of this TA 101 designed on learner engagement strategies, with 24-hour access to the course materials. This is the result of our work.

You Can Help! To date, we have raised $5000 from the Eric Berne Fund and have received generous donations and pledges from TA trainers and practitioners around the world. Our goal is to raise a further $3000 for video editing, access-optimization across platforms and project awareness. Donations of any size are welcome as we want to include as many people as possible, from many countries around the world. Together we can make a difference!

We welcome donations of any size to Project TA 101… 

How can you volunteer?

Global online branding, outreach and campaigning strategists

Fundraising strategists

Photoshop and iMovie enthusiasts

Video editors/promotional video producers

Online education consultants

Communications experts

What is this 101 education video channel?

An on-demand, unlimited viewing video channel 

A streamable version of a live recording of the TA 101 training at the 50th Anniversary conference

Trainers: Valerie Batts, Graham Barnes, Felipe Garcia, and Vann Joines 

A linked custom course learning guide designed to scaffold learning

A linked interactive online discussion group

A project of the USATAA Inclusion Equity and Social Action Committee 

How will my donation be used? 

Videography editing

The development of the course materials

Online global strategies for outreaching and campaigning of the 101 online course

Course access sustainability

IESA Committee: Chair: Janice Dowson Committee: Inger Acking, Bob Hempel, Reiko True; Project Consultants: Felipe Garcia, Laurie Weiss

Thank you to the Eric Berne Fund for the Future Scholarship Grant Fund Committee, and generous donors: Inger Acking, Brenda Bary, Alexis Brink, Leonard Campos, Janice Dowson, Richard Erskine, John Evans, Ildiko Galter, John Hallett, Bob Hempel, Marina Rajan Joseph, Cathy Katz, Inna Learn, Dianne Maki-Sethi, Rose Matovich,  Gloria Noriega, Sue E. Shealy, Carol Solomon, Lindsay Stewart, Reiko True, Abe Wagner, Marian Weisberg, Laurie and Jonathan Weiss, Christopher Zimmerman.