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Lucie King‚ Philosophy:

Celebrating Life is the primary focus of all work I do with people and myself. There is a very important person inside each of us and the reason we are here is to celebrate who we are. The longest journey we ever make is the one inside our own hearts and minds. Healing the past, defining rough spots and owning the shadow pieces within can be easy work with a guide walking alongside.

By using different approaches, drumming, dancing, painting, singing, yelling and just plain talking, different aspects of your Self can be encouraged to come out to play. And with that outward movement and playfulness, you can embrace Who I Am that lives in you.

The path IS you, and when you are in a safe environment, being cheered on, it is hard NOT to take the steps toward happiness and love and truth with Self. My focus is on empowerment and my goal is for each person to claim their own personal strength and heart's desire - EVERY moment-to-moment you live in!

With the same joy and celebration as with individual work, I also create a safe place for group dynamics to take place. Community and relations to others are directly self-enhancing. By taking joy in others and what challenges they represent to you, you receive the gift of Self discovery all over again. When in Tahoe, working these big pieces of Self, you receive an infusion of spirit... the Land and that of the unique presence of Self. Whether drumming down the sun on the beach for solstice or leading a corporate workshop, my message is the same ... Celebrate!