The Conference Committee announces the following presentations will be included in the conference program:

Eleanor Avinor & Joanne Silman, Israel, “Sense of OKness Via KEG Cards (Keys to Emotional Growth)” (Psychotherapy, Education, & Counseling)

Giles Barrow, UK, “Education as Encounter” (Education)

Giles Barrow, Adrienne Lee, & Diane Salters, UK & South Africa, “Homonomy: A New TA Frontier” (Other)

Robert Boyd, USA, “Standing (and Sitting) in Your Truth” (Education)

Leonard Campos, USA, “A Transactional Analytic View of Age Scripting” (Psychotherapy, Education, & Counseling)

Jean Illsley Clarke, USA, “Let’s Share Our Stories About Promoting Equality and OKness” (Education)

Alberto Jorge Close, Argentina, “Empowering to Defeat Poverty Vs. The Robin Hood Syndrome” (Education, Counseling, Organization, & Other)

William F. Cornell, USA, “Sex and Gender at the Margins: Identity Subversion, and Loss” (Psychotherapy, Education, Counseling, & Organization)

Isabelle Crespelle, France, “In the Heart of Group Psychotherapy” (Psychotherapy)

Deepak Dhananjaya, India, “Trainer, Trainee, and the Third—Balancer of the Equality!” (Psychotherapy & Other)

Janice Dowson, Canada, “Speaking of Ethics: Continuing Discussions and the ITAA Code of Ethical Conduct” (Psychotherapy, Education, Counseling, & Organization)

Richard G. Erskine, Canada, “Life Scripts: The Psychotherapy of Unconscious Relational Patterns” (Psychotherapy & Counseling)

María Renée Gándara, Guatemala, “Integrative Medicine and Transactional Analysis, from Medicine to Ego States” (Psychotherapy & Other)

Bernard Gentlet , France, “Being a Man in an Intimate Relationship: A French Perspective” (Psychotherapy)

Marcia Guimaraes, USA, “Integration and Cooperation of Two Therapies to Treat Trauma” (Psychotherapy)

Michael A. Harsh, USA, “You’re Not My Mother!’: How Transference Disrupts the Couple Relationship” (Psychotherapy)

Julie Hay, UK, “Different Perspectives on OKness in the TA World Community” (Other)

Robert L. Hempel, USA, “Energizing Your Joy: Creating Compassionate Community” (Psychotherapy)

Timothy Hunt, USA, “Affirmed, Armed, and OK—The Power of Affirmations” (Education & Counseling)

Vann S. Joines, USA, “Redecision Therapy: Working with the Emotional Brain to Resolve Social Injustice Traumas and Achieve Lasting Change” (Psychotherapy)

Lorna Johnston & Anne Klein, Canada, “Suffering is Optional, Using the Work of Byron Katie” (Psychotherapy, Education, Counseling, & Organization)

Marina Rajan Joseph, India, “Enhance Learning with Yoga Practice” (Education)

Steve B. Karpman, United States, “Berne, Darwin, and the Happiness Formula”

Emily Keller,  USA, “The Use of Play Therapy/Theater to Promote OK-OK Dialogue and to Heal Divisions in Communities” (Psychotherapy, Education, & Counseling)

Stephen Lankton, USA, “Predicting Games and Identifying Feelings, Behaviors, and Attitudes Needed for Treatment Contracts—Lankton Game Grid” (Psychotherapy, Education, Counseling, & Other)

Stephen Lankton, USA, “Tools of Intention: What Do You Do After You Redecide?” (Psychotherapy, Education, Counseling, & Other)

Inna M. Learn, UK, “Power Plays in Sexual Harassment of Women Via Lenses of Moral Typecasting and Discounting: The Possibilities of Collaborative Research” (Education, Counseling, & Organizations)

Amaia Mauriz-Etxabe, Spain, “A ‘Life Line’: Challenges, Disappointments, and Opportunities. Psychotherapy of Life Scripts” (Psychotherapy)

Melanie McGhee, USA, “Dismantling Injunctions with Acceptance and Integration Training” (Psychotherapy, Education, & Counseling)

Ray McKinnis, USA, “TA Analyzes the Sound of Two Hands Clapping” (Counseling & Other)

John R. McNeel, USA, Psychotherapy, “Redecision Therapy Enlarged” (Psychotherapy)

Olivier Montadat, France, “About Some Ways and Means to Promote Equality and OKness in Organizations” (Education, Counseling, and Organization

Gloria Noriega Gayol, Mexico, “The Transgenerational Script Questionnaire (TSQ) an Aid to Untangle the Family Tree” (Psychotherapy)

Janet Lee O’Connor, USA, “A Demonstration of Redecision Transactional Analysis” (Psychotherapy & Counseling)

Steff Oates, UK, “Am I at Fault if I Don’t Feel OK? ‘A Plea for an Acceptance of Difference and Struggle’” (Psychotherapy)

Anisha Sachin Pandya, India, “OKness in Practice” (Psychotherapy, Education, Counseling, & Organization)

Shekh Zadi Rezina Parvin, Bangladesh, “Promoting Equality and OKness—Ensuring Healthy Couple Relationships by Psychotherapy Services: A Research Outcome of Psychotherapy Service of PRERONA” (Psychotherapy)

Fredric Suresh, Canada, “Equality and OKness with TA in Classrooms” (Education)

Edward Thomas Novak, USA, “Working in the Terrain of the Damaged Self Core—Berne’s ‘Secret Garden’ Work” (Psychotherapy & Counseling)

Michelle Thomé, Brasil, “The Transgenerational Script Influence in the Relationship with Money” (Education)

Sari van Poelje, Netherlands, “Finding Your Purpose” (Psychotherapy, Education, Counseling, & Organization)

Abe Wagner, USA, “Promoting OKness with Practical TA” (Psychotherapy, Education, Counseling, & Organization)

Klaus A. War, Australia, “War on Suicide” (Psychotherapy)

Marian Weisberg, USA, “Empowering Women, Reorienting Men. Transition to a New Paradigm” (Psychotherapy & Other)

Martin Wells, UK, “The Ultimate Advantage of Games?—(Many Lamps, One Light, Wu Hsin)” (Psychotherapy, Education, Counseling, & Organization)

Jonathan B Weiss & Laurie Weiss, USA, “Tool, Prayer, or Magic? An Introduction to Logosynthesis®” (Psychotherapy & Counseling)

Pam White, USA, “Redecision Therapy in Motion; Expanding Possibilities Through Pesso Boyden System of Psychomotor Therapy” (Psychotherapy, Education, & Counseling)

Some workshops will be approved for continuing education by the APA and/or NBCC. Specific CE information will be included for each workshop when the program becomes available.


Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy is approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 6756. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified.


Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists.

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