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In this 2-hour Zoom presentation Richard will describe affective, rhythmic, and cognitive attunement and why attunement is essential in interpersonal communications. He will highlight his talk with illustrations of the Eight Relational-Needs that are so essential for a sense of well-being. This presentation will provide fundamental concepts and various ways of transacting for psychotherapists, counselors, educators, consultants, and anyone involved in interpersonal communications.

Here’s a VIDEO PREVIEW of the workshop with Richard.

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This workshop will look at the six basic personality adaptations we develop in our family of origin or whatever group functioned as our family of origin and how they can be used as a guide to treatment.

Three are called “surviving” adaptations and are developed in the first 18 months in response to situations where trust breaks down and we feel like we cannot solely rely on our caretakers for survival.

The other three are called “performing” adaptations and are developed between 18 months and six years in an attempt to meet our caretakers’ expectations of what we need to do to be okay.

Each of these six adaptations has a particular receptive area (thinking, feeling or behavior) for making contact with others, a target area in which they can experience the most growth and change, and a trap area where they feel the most vulnerable and therefore have the greatest defenses.

This information allows therapists or consultants, regardless of their theoretical approach, to know how to quickly make contact and establish rapport, target interventions to the area that will produce the greatest change and avoid becoming trapped in the client’s defenses. It greatly enhances our understanding and communication with others.

Vann S. Joines, Ph.D., TSTA-P is a Clinical Psychologist and Director of the Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy in Chapel Hill, NC. He is an international teacher, trainer, and supervisor in TA and Redecision/Relational Therapy, Marriage and Family Therapy, Group Psychotherapy, and Energy Therapy. Dr. Joines is the 1994 Winner of the Eric Berne Memorial Award and co-author of TA Today and Personality Adaptations and author of the Joines Personality Adaptation Questionnaire and JPAQ Administration, Scoring, and Interpretive Kit.

Registration will be open in April 2021.

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