Fanita English Institute on Scripts and Episcripts now available on DVD

*Just Released: Scripts and EpiScripts with Fanita English, Winner of the 2010 EATA Gold Medal

Scripts and EpiS 4c6bf5caba84fThis educational program was recorded in November 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, at the Mary Goulding Memorial Redecision / TA Conference.

Fanita was invited to present a pre-conference institute focusing on Scripts and EpiScripts, Decisions, Redecisions, and Hot Potatoes. In this workshop Fanita describes developmental processes and script formation. She distinguishes between Scripts and EpiScripts.

Ms. English then demonstrates how to use a therapeutic process called the Four Story Exercise with necessary cautions. Ms. English demonstrates how to identify an EpiScript in social contexts.

The dvd is divided into chapters™ for ease of finding the above and several other topics: Contracts, Scripts, EpiScripts, Ego State Definition, Child Ego State Development, Parent Ego State Development, Adult Ego State Development, Four Story Exercise, Evaluation and Testimonials, An Afterword on Scripts, Remembering Mary Goulding.

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