Organizational Leadership & Development

Representative: Lucy Freedman, Certified Coach and TAPI


TA information applies to organizational leadership, training, and development. This circle focuses on TA tools for communication, team-building, and conflict management in the workplace. Organizational Leadership and Training


  • features Jonathan B. Weiss Pd.D. and Laurie Weiss, Ph.D. and their work in self-change using the power of words.
  • Syntax Communication Modeling Corporation helps leaders create workplaces where customers, employees, and managers feel valued, share knowledge and exceed expectations.

Books: are often available on Amazon or eBay

  • The Transactional Manager: How to Solve People Problems with Transactional Analysis by Abe Wagner
  • Say It Straight or You’ll Show It Crooked by Abe Wagner. Abe uses TA to demonstrate how TA can help people negotiate for a win-win.
  • Choosing Success Human Relationships on the Job by Dorothy Jongeward and Philip Seyer
  • Everyone Wins: Transactional Analysis Applied to Organizations by Dorothy Jongeward and Contributors
  • Winning Ways in Health Care Transactional Analysis for Effective Communication by Dorothy Jongeward and Muriel James
  • James, Muriel. The OK Boss. Reading, Mass: Addison-Wesley, 1975.



  • Laurie Weiss eBook-“I Don’t Need Therapy…”
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