How to Host/Present TAP Training

NATAA Members and Friends:

Bring the benefits of TA to your area by hosting a TA Practitioner program! (see below if you would like to present in one)

  • Learn and share the basics of TA as taught by leaders in the field
  • Help create a network of like-minded professionals near you
  • Stimulate interest in your practice and trainings
  • Benefit from a grant supporting travel and expenses for TA education programs
  • Ensure that a new generation is exposed to the proven principles and techniques of Transactional Analysis

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Host/Co-Sponsoring a TAP Progarm

Here’s what is involved and how to proceed:

  • The TA Practitioner Program consists of an introductory program and four two-day modules which meet a core set of objectives.
  • You can decide how often to offer the modules based on your needs – not more than monthly but it could be less often such as every few months.
  • The first step is to look for a place to hold the workshops and possible sponsors for the event
  • Arrangements – TAP programs can be at an office with a large group area;  a treatment center, a hotel meeting room
  • Getting out the word – buying licensure lists; list serves for local professional organizations; medical field, social workers, professional counselors that are available at no cost
  • Printing – NATAA has a generic brochure….. we will have more printed as needed…. there will be an insert for specific details of each TAP program for which the cost will be covered by NATAA
  • Charge per module – this is determined by the committee with assistance from the NATAA council – the key is to offer low cost CE credits to generate interest in TA
  • NATAA has Continuing Education provider numbers for social work and psychology as well as for counselors. We don’t have a provider number for nurses as yet and may in the future.
  • NOTE: If you offer other TA training and would like to co-sponsor with NATAA to qualify for Continuing Education Credits please contact us at

Explore this as an option for your region….Start with a Friday night intro and mini TA 101 to be followed by 4 weekend training modules.

We have leaders and the modules are ready to go; we can offer Continuing Education credits for social workers, professional counselors, and psychologists.

Let NATAA know how we can help you to bring this valuable training to your area.

See below to view or download detailed information on Continuing Education Credits, Co-Sponsoring Agreement and Required Materials.  

Contact the Program Coordinator for NATAA at

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TA Trainers:
If you would like to present a keynote, mini-101, or module in the TAP program please contact us to let us know your qualifications and availability. This is a volunteer opportunity with travel expenses covered and a small honorarium.

Send your resume and availability to

{tab Resume Requirements|green}

Resume Requirements for NATAA Continuing Education Presenters

A resume including the following information is required from all presenters who are teaching courses that qualify for continuing education credit.

  • Name
  • Current professional position
  • Academic degrees (For some purposes, we need to know if presenters have a Masters level or higher degree in a Mental Health field.)
    • Undergraduate — degree; school; discipline; year
    • Graduate –degree(s); school (s); discipline(s); year(s)
  • Job History
  • Any additional indications of expertise in subject area of workshop
    • No. of years of experience using or teaching the material
    • Training and/or certification in the subject
    • Publications relevant to the subject
  • Licensure (for US and Canadian presenters), if applicable
    • Jurisdiction (state or province)
    • Name of license and license number
  • Relevant Professional Affiliations


CEC and Co-Sponsor Documents

pdfClick here to view or download detailed information on Continuing Education Credits , Co-Sponsoring Agreement and Required Materials.

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