Transactional Analysis Practitioner (TAP) Training

USATAA offers a Transactional Analysis Practitioner(TAP) training certification program. The training is available to anyone interested in applying transactional analysis (TA) to their work or who seek it for personal growth and development.

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Who can earn the TAP?

The TAP training is available to anyone who would benefit from applying TA principles and theory to their work. Traditionally, theoretical application and development of TA has occurred along four tracks: psychotherapy, counseling, organizations, and education. Because TA tools and principles apply so broadly, recent TAP certificate holders come from these four tracks as well as medicine, civil service, the ministry, coaching, and much more.

TAP Training offers three levels: TAP, Transactional Analysis Advanced Practitioner (TAAP), and Transactional Analysis Practitioner Instructor (TAPI).

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